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Welcome to the official fan site for supermodel Hilary Hollis Rhoda, including the biggest Gallery, exclusive news content and Videos. We want to thank you for visiting and we ask that you go through our entire web site and check out all of the pages that you see listed as links at the top of the page in the navigation section, Thank you for you're visit!

Six years ago 3 old boarding school friends decided to start a new adventure and few months later another great an lovely cyber friend joined us. We wanted to make a website dedicated to our role model Hilary Rhoda, for us the best American model of her generation. A website dedicated exclusively to keep up to date all the fans about her modelling career, where fans could find all the news, biography, projects and the BIGGEST images archive of her.
We didn’t know anything how to a website was run or about design but after searching we found out a great woman called Mary who in that time worked as web designer who had the patience and the time to learn us how to work with WordPress or Coppermine. At the beginning was very hard but our passion, dedication and messages of fans gave us strength to go on. In these six years we have grown up, we have getting married and 3 of us have become in mothers but never thought to give up, even have been involved our husbands who have helped many times taking care with the babies or getting all magazines we needed to keep you up to date.
In this journey we have known Hilary (sadly not in person we will do ASAP though!!!) as a sweet and lovely woman who always has a good word, a hard working model and a strong woman happens what happens never looses the smile.
We think one of the reasons of the success of our website besides all fans and contributors is our conviction to keep and care the privacy of Hilary because for us Hilary is a model but firstly a woman who deserves all our respect since we consider she MUST HAVE her own space and life. So our website is a very professional space where only the fashion and the peek of her life she has shared have its space. We don’t pay attention either gossips or emails we got every week who only want to ask about her private life. So we have shown we are a reliable source and are capable to keep under secret all her upcoming projects we can know before they are being releasing.

All we have to say is THANK YOU everyone who in any or other way have involve and keep on doing it nowadays!!


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Even models get hooked on sweets. “I eat way too much chocolate, specifically peanut butter M&Ms,” says model Hilary Rhoda, which is why her healthy resolution for 2017 is to cut back on the sweet stuff. In its place, Rhoda wants to eat more bee pollen sprinkled on smoothies or on top of yogurt. “After reading up about it, I learned that it’s one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods,” she says, noting its reputed abundance of protein, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. (Note: If you’re allergic to pollen or pregnant, bee pollen is not recommended.)

For others looking to clean up their nutritional acts, Rhoda suggests simply drinking more water. “It’s something that we don’t think about enough, and we are often dehydrated. It’s one simple thing that’s actually attainable for everybody,” she says. One easy way: Accept that glass anytime someone offers it—at a store, a meeting, a friend’s house. And drink it!

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Harper’s Bazaar Featuring Hilary Rhoda
Director: Amir Saeidiani
Producer: Richard Rose
Fashion Director: Sarah Gore Reeves
Creative Director: Juan Carlos Castro

Hilary Rhoda channel champion Ronda Rousey, the first U.S. woman to earn an Olympic medal in judo on the 3 covers of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Turkey January 2017. The video was shot at the Church Street Boxing Club in New York City in early December.

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Photographer: Daniel Matallana
Fashion Director:Sarah Gore Reeves
Creative Direction: Juan Carlos Castro
Hair: Felix Fischer
Makeup: Rie Omoto
Nails: Yukie Miyakawa

Supermodel Hilary Rhoda channel champion Ronda Rousey, the first U.S. woman to earn an Olympic medal in judo on the 3 covers of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine TurkeyJanuary 2017. Matallana shots the brunette stunner with impecable style by Sarah Gore Reeves, and start the new year with a bang!

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